Party Event Bookings

Make your next party a memorable one at the Morrison Holiday Bar!

Birthdays, Receptions, Anniversary's, Company Parties or any special occasion, our staff can make your next event a very special one that you and your guests will never forget.

Contact us at 303-697-5658 for more information.


Band Bookings

The Morrison Holiday Bar stage is second only to "Red Rocks" in Morrison Colorado, are you ready to play the closest venue to "Red Rocks"? First things you need to know are:


We are looking for bands that self promote and have a significant social media/web presence. In other words we are looking for bands that can fill seats at the bar. We want bands to call in all favors from friends and family to show for your gig, if you deliver you will be added to our rotation.


If you do not have a social media/web presence here is a good place to learn about marketing your band:


We encourage you to visit the Holiday, meet the locals and our staff. Lot's of our customers work at Red Rocks and enjoy the local/indie music scene. Stop by, we would love to hear about your band.


We prefer bands that engage the audience and show our customers a great time. Be nice to our customers!


Morrison is a small town and we have neighbors, band sounds levels are a huge concern and we cannot tolerate excessive volume. Bands must respond to Holiday Staff requests to lower volume or you will have pack it up, this is your last warning.


Once you are booked at the Morrison Holiday Bar here are some things to know about our bar:


Our stage is 12.5 ft x 9 ft. We provide the following sound system and equipment:


Soundcraft Ui16 Digital Mixer -w- 8 XLR combo mic/line inputs, 4 XLR mic inputs
BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer
Sennheiser Evolution e835 Vocal Mics (3)
Sennheiser Evolution e609 Silver Instrument Mics (3)
Radial ProD1 Direct Box (1)
Radial ProD2 Direct Box (1)
Alto Professional TX8 Monitors (3)
QSC K8 1000W Active Loudspeakers (2)
QSC K12 1000W Active Loudspeakers (2)

QSC Sub Woofer (1)
Mic Stands (4)
Low Profile Mic Stand (2)
TS Cables (5)
XLR Cables (10)


We will need completed and signed W9 and Holiday Bar Performance Agreement before you can perform on stage. We will need high resolution (300dpi) band photo/artwork to be used in our promotional material.


We will provide you with Morrison Holiday Bar Branded web artwork for your social media/web promotion. We expect bands to begin promoting gigs immediately after booking. We will also provide you with Morrison Holiday Bar Branded print flyer (pdf only, you pay for printing) if you intend to distribute printed material. We love bands who self promote, hand them out to everyone but do not post flyers on public/private property without authorization, ask first!